José Omar Torres (B. 1953, Cuba)


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Faced with environmental degradation, man has been searching for solutions to live in harmony with nature.
“In search of the golden city” reflects the search for a balance between nature and urbanization.

Painting, drawing and engraving, abstraction and imagining, all exist side by side in Torres’ work and are mutually permeated and enriched.

Jose’s works sheds light in the fight between passion and reason; pleasure and time. Centered on the theme of the city and its architectural components—arches, cornices, columns, windows, stairs—with the occasional irruption of elements replete of a strong symbolic value such as fruits, trees or icons from the Yoruba religion, his work has gone from strong colors with a predominance of red, green and blue, to the various shades of ochre and grey. Read more...

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Jose Omar Torres
"City and Me"
32 x 25 In

Acrylic on Canvas

Ref: 399 JOT

Jose Omar Torres
"Costal Town"
39 x 28 In

Acrylic on Canvas

Ref: 400 JOT

Jose Omar Torres
Default Title

71 x 38 In

Ref: 398 JOT

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