Eduardo Roca "Choco" (B. 1949, Cuba)

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Choco (short for Chocolate) is considered one of Cuba’s greatest printmakers and a national treasure. Choco resides in Havana and his studio in Old Havana is a mecca for printmakers around the world. Along with Nelson Dominguez, Choco was one of the first artists invited to the United States by the Center for Cuban Studies to participate in its first Cuban art exhibit, “First Look,” in 1981. The visit of the two artists inspired a film by Kavery Dutta, also called “First Look.”

As a practitioner of calligraphy, a novel technique, Choco achieves remarkable textures that bring forth chiaroscuros and a sensuous depth that tempts viewers to touch them. Each one of his calligraphies is defined by the use of color, an element that the painter handles with devilish kindness. Although Choco's works are figurative, they share an intimate abstractionist foundation. He admits having been profoundly influenced by the color and forms of African art in which coherence and humanism stand out. The sharp contrast of color responds to his particular symbolism and to a very personal lyricism that establishes a quick emotional connection with the viewer.


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Eduardo Roca Choco
"David and Goliath"
25 x 17 in.

Silked cardboard

Ref: 065 CH

Eduardo Roca Choco
"Man with Fish"
20 x 17 in.

Collagraph in cardboard

Ref: 16 CH

Eduardo Roca Choco
"The Colibri"
48 x 36 in.

Collagraph in cardboard

Ref: 408 CH

Eduardo Roca Choco
"The Silence"
30 x 40 in.


Ref: 405 CH

Eduardo Roca Choco
"Woman with Pineapple"
49 x 40 in.


Ref: 407 CH

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